Whoa! a long time now..

I cannot believe I’ve been in such a long hiatus from the blog… this has almost never happened before.This is probably what happens when your main hobby becomes your main career.

A few years back, when I started sidcorner, I had so much buzzing inside my head about Sid and wanted to record those experiences somewhere. Since I loved writing, it seemed like a natural choice. At that point, I never imagined I’d become a full-time writer one day. Two years back, I quit my IT job and started exploring the world of writing. Today, I have atleast written enough to introduce myself as a writer. I really think sidcorner had a huge role in this shift in profession. The more I wrote I realized a different side of me or rather a side that had been lying dormant for many years.

Anyway, this blog is about Sid and hence me, and not me. But I felt like I owed an explanation for the break. Hopefully, I can continue to come back here.

Latest updates: Sid is now a weird mix of a kid and a grown-up. He talks like a grown-up but does such silly things sometimes, maybe just to remind me he is a kid. He even had his first set of ‘official’ exams at school, where he was supposed to read a complete 1 hour paper and write the answers. It was one of those moments when I felt sorry for him and all, but seeing how he just chills around, I felt okay. The other day we were doing an online math test, which is a part of his regular home study. So, after every right answer, the computer would say something like fabulous or dazzling or smashing.. after a couple of questions, I saw him marking a wrong answer and told him that it’s wrong.. ‘You already know? Then, why did you do it?’ I ask. ‘I just wanted to see what the computer would say for a wrong answer!’

Yeah, he is that kind of guy 🙂 Sometimes you’re so proud and relieved that the child did not take after you.

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Flinto Box review

Read my review on Flinto Box … one of the best finds for Sid.

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Time-pass during summer

Summer vacation is coming to a close. This has probably been one of the laziest ones for Sid. He has mastered the art of being idle, given that I didn’t send him to any summer camp, except for a one-week program that I sent and he enjoyed.

And yeah, did I mention that I gave him the iPad? Yeah.. iPad seemed a better option that seeing him do nothing, well..sometimes. So between playing subway surfers and watching Mister Maker, he managed to spend less time on books or anything else much to my dismay. The boy, who never used to watch TV suddenly wants to spend a lot of time in front of it and I certainly don’t like it. The enthusiasm for reading books has also dipped. I’m just going to assume that this is one of those passing phases and wait and watch.

Given that Sid and I have been in close quarters for two months, we are on each other’s nerves all the time. We are fighting, yelling, crying, making up and laughing and then the cycle goes on again. This seems to be an everyday thing now. I for one cannot wait for the school to begin. He, on the other hand, is just keen to laze around in the couch and get on to my nerves even more. Maybe my idea of not sending for a summer camp didn’t work out that well.

One thing he has learnt is how to keep himself engaged throughout the day or just day dream and play pretend games. Suddenly he would spread the mat and start fooling around with paints or the toys would come out of the shelf subject to Toy-story like action. Our apartment does not have many children, so Sid has to make do with this.

FlintoBox activities were a lot of fun for Sid and he and I enjoyed every single thing out of that box. We were so excited to try out all the games and activities. This was one of the most fun and fulfilling thing we did this summer. I believe Sid learnt a lot from each of the themes – world explorer, under water and ice age. One of the satisfying things I put my money into.

As for books, we still read a few and our current favorite is ‘Danny the Dinosaur’ by Syd Hoff. The book has a lyrical feel to it and a simplistic story at its core and did I mention it has a DINOSAUR? So, its a big hit at the moment.

We didn’t travel much at all this summer. We did a one day trip to Shivasamudram falls and I wrote a blog on it earlier. Other than that, we just went to the malls and parks and such. We also went to SnowCity, which was horrible for me, but Sid seemed fine with it. It was ridiculously cold and hardly any interesting activities inside. I thought I will die there if I stayed more, but Sid was oblivious to anything else and just enjoyed the moment. So, uhmm…good for him.

Yercaud view

Yercaud view

As a saving grace, we went to Yercaud for a couple of days. We’ve been to Yercaud before and it has really nothing much to offer in terms of tourist attractions, but the resort we stayed was brilliant and we could not have enough of it. The summer was nasty, but it was still a great break before starting another school term. My paranoia is always at its highest before the start of a school term wondering about the million factors that are about to change. With Sid going to first grade, assessments or more crudely, exams are about to roll in and I don’t like it at all. Also, the concept of daily homework is about to kick in. I have mixed feelings about it. A month down the line, I’m sure I’ll have more things to say.

For now, it is time to say goodbye to a relaxed summer.


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Mother’s day contest entry in mycity4kids

Your views will increase the chances of me winning the contest.. so read, like, comment. Thanks!


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Shivasamudram falls and Talakkad

We have never had such a dry summer.. not weather wise but travel wise.

Finally, we got so desperate to just get the hell out of the house. So, we set off on a whim to Shivasamudram falls. Having been in Bangalore for around 10 years, its a shame we never went here.. considering that its hardly 150km away. The best time to visit the place would be monsoon time, but since the rain Gods have been kind this summer, we did manage to see water in the falls.










There are actually two waterfalls called Gaganchukki and Barachukki which are collectively called Shivasamudram falls. There was a barricade to the route to Barachukki, so there was a longer route that was needed to visit that one. So we skipped it and visited just Gaganchukki. We set off around 8am in the morning and took the Kanakpura route to Malavalli. We travelled in the NICE Expressway for the first time, so that was an enjoyable experience. As you would find so many travelogues mentioning, the food options are pathetic in this route (unlike the Mysore one) ..We had a small breakfast at home and hence the late start.



Luckily, I had booked a resort in Malavalli.. there were no rooms available for overnight stay, so we booked it for the day which means we can have lunch/tea/coffee and also use the resort facilities like the swimming pool. We reached the resort around 11:15 and then headed to the falls which was just about 20 mins away. The waterfalls did not disappoint us even in summer, so I made a mental note to visit it again during monsoons. You climb down a few steps to get the best view but you cannot really touch the water..There is not much to do there for more than 30 mins. We, the hungry three, scurried back to the resort for lunch.


If you have not booked a place to stay, you need to pack your  lunch because there are no eateries around. You’ll get the usual coconut water, mangoes and such for a quick bite.

After the lunch, we lazed around in the resort for a while ..playing some games and then Sid and dad finished their usual pool routine. By then it was 5pm and we had got back some of our enthusiasm to drive around a little more and decided to go to Talakkad. Talakkad takes almost 45 mins to 1 hr to reach.. The daylight was still there when we reached around 6pm because of summer but you may want to reach there much earlier in the day. Its the Cauvery river’s origin and you’re supposed to feel something good… but all I can notice is how the whole river is so dirty with naked kids running around.










Anyway, we decide to do a coracle ride and somehow I’m reminded of the movie mudhal mariyadhai. The coracle owner murmurs something about a round and both the husband and I interpret it as whether we want to do another round and nod our heads. As it turns out, he was asking whether he should rotate the coracle so it goes round and round… well, hmm…it was one-of-a-kind experience 🙂

Talakkad also has temples to visit, but since it was very late by now, we managed to visit just one – Vaidyanatheswara temple. Here you’ll see Shiva with a glorious smile.. and its one of those places where you’ll find the idol in addition to the Sivaling.


We started our return journey at 7ish and reached by 10pm. A much needed break for all 3 of us and atleast we broke the travel jinx this summer.

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Summer break

Yes, its that time of the year when Sid is at home relaxing. Just like last year, I have decided to opt out of summer camps atleast for now. When the pinch increases, I might just say ‘yes’ to them.

The days have been lazy as expected…neither me nor Sid have to wake up early. Most of the time goes unstructured for him… he is capable of just driving a car with his mouth for 2 hours, so you can imagine. The toys are getting so much attention that I’m imagining them going to sleep tired at the end of the day.

We are having our own mini-summer camp at home. Seeing, how bored Sid was getting in the first week itself, I told him we’ll do our own activities on the theme of ‘Vehicles’. This seemed to enthuse him, forget the fact that he anyway plays with cars half the time. So, we did games, toy, puzzles .. all related to vehicles. This went on for a few days when the Flinto box arrived.


Flinto Box – world traveller


Continent maps and landmarks

That set the tone for the next week. The theme was world traveler, so there were interesting games and activities around continents, maps and flags. We are still knee deep into that …


Flags wave

Today was some ‘Math’ fun.. Don’t know who is more excited about the summer break — the kiddo or me..

Math fun

Math fun

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Finding ‘passion’

I loved this article. It seems to aptly reflect some of my very own thoughts about having to find that ‘passion’ in our little ones. The peer pressure is overwhelming here, and I am certainly a part of the charade myself. I feel the pressure and resent it with equal measure. Then, there are the good moments when my head clears up and seems to think clearly.